What if i dont have my own motorbike?

       Do not worry - 1st Bike Rider Training have both 50cc and 125cc available to you

Can I use my own bike for the CBT?
       Of course you can! As long as your machine is roadworth, has an in date MoT test, taxed and insured.  Not forgetting 'L' plates front and rear.

Do i need any experience?

       No experience is needed - as long as you can ride a normal bicycle and have a good knowledge of highway code, then you're good to go!!!

How much does the CBT cost?
      The cost of the CBT is £100.00 using our bike or £90.00 using your own motorcycle.

Will my CBT be cancelled?

       It will only get cancelled in extreme conditions.

Do I need to do a Theory Test to take the CBT?
       No the CBT can be taken without the Theory test.

Can you fail a CBT?

      The CBT is an assessment, if you do not reach the required standard you can return on another day to complete the training.  However this may incur extra costs.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

        No Just you, some warm clothes, sturdy boots and of course your driving licence!

A1/A2 Restricted Bike Licence FAQ

Do I have to have my own bike?
       No, we have bikes suitable for both A1 and A2 training.

Do I need to have any experience?
       You must have passed your CBT on a 125cc machine and be 17 years old for the A1 and 19 years old for the A2.

How long is the training?
      This is a tricky one!  Once you have mastered the fine art of slow speed riding, the instructor will inform you and put you forward for test!

How much is the training?

      Here at 1st Bike Rider Training, we only charge £30 per hour.  We find it usually works out cheaper for you!

What happens if its bad weather?

      Not usually, unless it is deemed too dangerous!  After all, your safety is the most important thing.

What if I fail either of the practical tests?

      Be a little more optimistic!  However, should you not pass, we will rectify any issues and put you forward for retest as soon as possible.

What Do I need to bring with me for the training?

      You will need to bring along with you your IN DATE CBT certificate, your Driving Licence, Photo Card plus the Theory Test certificate if you have passed it.

Full Bike Licence FAQ

Do I need my own bike?
       No, we have 600cc bikes available for the A licence training.

What Experience do I need?
      You must have passed your CBT on a 125cc machine and be over the age of 24 years old.

How long does it take to pass the full bike test?
     Well it depends totally on how  quick you respond to the training, you have to master the slow speed riding skills before you can take your Module 1 Test.

How much is the A licence training?
     The price of the training is set to £30 per hour.

How do I book a Module 1 or Module 2 test?

     Here at 1st Bike Rider Training we will be happy to book it for you.  However if you wish you can book it yourself by  Clicking here.

Does the training get cancelled for bad weather?         

     No, we run training whatever the weather - unless its deemed unsafe, usually due to snow or ice.

What if I fail the Module 1 or Module 2 test?
     Be more optimistic!  Of course we all have bad days.  If you are not up to standard we will polish the bits that need it and book you in for retest once you are ready.


We have tried to make a list of the most common frequently asked questions - as usual, we cannot answer every question here, so if there is anything we have not covered here, then please telephone us on 07710978787 or drop us a message on our Contact us page!!